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Ryan Quirk
Ryan QuirkCEO SERVO Group
Ryan is a former Marine, who was attached to a Marine Task force in Iraq. His unit was tasked with counter-insurgency and stability operations on the Iraqi-Syrian and Iraqi-Jordanian borders, as well as training and working alongside the local police and military units operating within their area of operations . He also helped prepare his unit and others for their deployments to Iraq by serving as a trainer on various weapons systems. Ryan served 9 years in New Jersey’s Law Enforcement Special Operations community as a “Designated Marksman” or Sniper working with various agencies and on highly specialized task forces. Ryan and his partner, Scott Ellis, created and served as lead instructors for one of New Jersey’s only in-service Sniper Courses. Ryan has trained numerous Law Enforcement Sniper teams from many agencies across the nation. In addition to his Military and Law Enforcement experience, Ryan has worked as Executive Protection for various individuals in public venues. This broad range of operational experience means that the training found with Servo Group will not be one dimensional and applicable to all who attend.

Ryan is a certified Sniper Instructor with the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA), and has graduated from multiple Sniper schools to include the FBI Police Sniper Basic and Intermediate Courses. After his military career he has trained with some of the top firearms instructors and companies in the country such as Rod Ryan of Storm Mountain Training Center, obtaining his “Urban Sniper” certification among others. Additionally, he holds numerous other certifications such as Master Firearms Instructor, Rappel Master, Active Shooter Response Instructor, and the New Jersey Police Training Commission “Methods of Instruction” (MOI) certification among many others.

Michael Kianka
Michael KiankaCo-Owner SERVO Group
Michael is a 23-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps with numerous combat deployments, active-duty time, and many years with various Reserve units throughout the Northeast United States. Michael’s experience and training has made him an expert in weapons and tactics. He has led and planned Multi-national and inter-agency combat missions. He has spent year’s training Marines, Foreign Police and Foreign Army personnel. Michael is a skilled small arms and automatic weapons marksmanship instructor. As a Foreign Security Forces advisor, Michael learned how to teach a dynamic and diverse audience. He has developed personal training plans to improve marksmanship for both novices and experienced shooters. The knowledge, skills, and abilities gained from these experiences led him to become a managing partner for the newly formed Servo Group.

Michael has also built Titan Corps with his network of highly trained men and women of the Marine Corps to provide the quintessential personal security service. Michael’s company is able to handle all contractual needs for your family or business with a unique level of discretion and confidence.

Our Training Instructors

Scott Ellis
Scott Ellis
Scott is an active duty Law Enforcement Officer since 2002. He is currently assigned as a full time Firearms Instructor. Scott has spent the last 5 years involved in the New Jersey Law Enforcement Special Operations community as a Designated Marksman/Observer, working with various agencies and on highly specialized task forces. Scott and his partner, Ryan Quirk (CEO Servo Group), created and served as lead instructors for one of New Jersey’s only in service DM/O-Sniper school. Scott has trained several Law Enforcement Sniper teams from various states.

Scott is certified as a Firearms Instructor for the NRA, International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI), and the Police Training Commission (PTC). He is a National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) certified Sniper Instructor, and has graduated from multiple sniper schools to include FBI basic and intermediate sniper/observer courses. Scott has trained with many top name instructors both in law enforcement and civilian sectors. He is a certified armorer for Glock, H&K, Remington, and FN Herstal. Additionally he holds the Police Training Commission (PTC) Methods of Instruction (MOI) Certification.

Ray Bickford Jr
Ray Bickford Jr
Ray is a US Marine Corps combat veteran that served with an Improvised Explosive Devise Response Team (IRT) in Iraq 2004-2005 during the highest IED operational tempo of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Ray also served as a Squad Leader conducting stability/support and counter-insurgency operations on the Syrian border in 2006-2007, and also helped create the techniques, tactics, and procedures for detecting smugglers and fraudulent passports used by Multi-national Forces West during that period of time. Furthermore, he has been to a multitude of certification and Professional Military Courses and has attended courses such as the Advanced Combat Carbine from Gunsite, Inc., Urban Sniper and High Risk Personnel from Storm Mountain Training Center and is also a certified M-16 Armorer. Moreover, Ray holds NRA Pistol instructor and an International Law Enforcement Master Pistol instructor certification. Currently, he has a B.A in Criminal Justice and minor in Cyber Security and is completing a B.S. in a DHS/NSA certified information security professional program at Penn State in which he also studies Islamic culture and the Arabic language. Ray has also completed and is currently completing real-world cyber warfare and counter-terror analyst positions for a private agency and is training for his CEH rating of Certified Ethical Hacker.
Frank Sutter
Frank Sutter
Frank is a 9-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps having served as a Police Transition Team advisor to the Iraqi Police during operation Iraqi Freedom. He was the Logistics Chief for the al Qa’im District tasked with the NATO mission of working with Iraqi forces to conduct counter-insurgency and stability operations on the Iraqi-Syrian border. Frank trained counterparts in firearms, logistics, tactics and accounting. Frank completed numerous Professional Military Educational courses, the Combat Advisor Course, USMC Officer Candidate School.

Frank has been an active duty Law Enforcement Officer since 2005 and is currently assigned as an Assistant Administrative Division Commander and has served as a supervisor in the Patrol Division. Frank has experience with the County Prosecutor’s Office Narcotics Task Force where he conducted countless search warrants for suspects, weapons and contraband. Frank is a member of the Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) since 2007 and has successfully completed multiple tactical courses including: The United States Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation Basic SWAT, FBI Sniper School, FBI Survival Awareness, DOJ Drug Enforcement Administration Ballistic Shield Training, Explosives, Booby Traps and Bomb Threat Management, Firearms Instructor Course, Sig Sauer Armorer’s Course, M4/M16 Armorer’s Course, Crisis Negotiation for First Responders and Response to Active Shooters. Frank has been the recipient of numerous shooting awards throughout his career.

Frank is certified as a Firearms Instructor through the Police Training Commission (PTC) and the NRA. He is also a certified M4/M16 and Sig Sauer armorer. Additionally, he holds the Police Training Commission (PTC) Methods of Instruction (MOI) Certification. Frank graduated from Seton Hall University with a Master of Arts in Human Resources Training and Development. He received his undergraduate degree from Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Criminal Justice and Psychology, a Certificate in Criminology and a Minor in Sociology.

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