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Our Mission

Servo Group is a USMC Veteran owned and operated business. Founded with the intention of providing superior weapons handling and instruction. Regardless of your prior skill level, we will make you better. Our team of professional instructors harnessed their skills from years of training in law enforcement and military special operations. Proven operators passionate about teaching marksmanship to those with the will and desire to learn from the best. Our school will advance your skills from the basic civilian weapons familiarization where all can attend, to the Advanced Law Enforcement Tactical Training Courses developed specifically for Military and Law Enforcement Personnel. No matter what your specific needs Servo Group is the premier tactical firearms training company.

Servo Group has partnered up with Titan Corps Global Personal Security Consultants. Bounded together by years of service in the Marines, these companies utilize their years of training, tactical planning and leadership development and transposed these skills in the civilian marketplace. Titan Corps provides consultative services to a unique clientele including foreign diplomatic security, coordinating security requirements with multi-agencies, providing global protective services emphasizing on discretion and low impact security measures. Titan Corps also plans and manages individual training programs in multifunctional organizations, developing security platforms and team leaders in the security field. Titan Corps is proven to be the leader in Personal Security Consultative Services.

Servo Group will provide weapons training and instruction. From the basic shooter to the veteran marksman, we will improve your skills, provide you with different shooting techniques, or just be there as your spotter. Whether you need a crisis response management plan, an active shooter security platform, a need to revamp your security needs, a personal security consultant to provide the concierge protective services, Servo Group has what you need. Who better to provide shooting instruction, tactical training, and personal security than veteran professionals in the field that have served and protected.


USER REVIEWS: Clients Who Stand & Rise To The Occasion

Servo Group is a Veteran owned and operated business. It was founded with the intention of providing tactical preparedness in a variety of areas regardless of your prior skill level. The lessons tought and drills performed are created by our cadre which consists of a wealth of knowledge from many different areas.

“It was obvious that you guys really put in extra effort to make the class a success.  From the fundamentals to the stress course, this course pushed us and gave us confidence in our skills.”
Dan - Pennsylvania
“Top notch Sniper school. Unbelievable instructors. Learned more from these guys in one week than I learned in a two week sniper school. Can’t wait to take another class with them.”
Paul - New Jersey
“We learned how to set up our weapon and gear for missions, cover care and cleaning of equipment and ammo selection for the job.  We covered the skills required by law enforcement marksman/observers who require sub-minute performance, shooting techniques and field craft methods.  This type of curriculum builds shooters’ confidence by increasing the distance a couple hundred yards each day, and then reinforces the lessons by repeating them multiple days in a row.“
Rich - New Jersey

I will persist until I succeed. I was not delivered unto this world in defeat, nor does failure course in my veins. I am not a sheep waiting to be prodded by my shepherd. I am a lion and I refuse to talk, to walk, to sleep with the sheep

Og Mandino

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